He proved that if our work is consistent & creative then whole world appreciate it. He proved that whether you teach in small village & in small school but If you do friendship with Digital gadget, Internet & English language then similarly you will teach thousands of student from more than 140 countries over the world. He proved that money is just an amount but when it share with right peoples at the right time then this amount is converted in to unforgettable history & also He proved that a real teacher works for outcome not for income. Global teacher award winner Mr.Ranjitsinh Disale got 7 Crore ₹ as a prize but  he decided to share 50 % amount with his another nominated teachers. Winning award is great thing but sharing huge amount for noble work is the greatest thing. Proud of you my friend Disale Guruji. Yes, you won the world.

Orator & Writer : Vishal Garad
Date : 7 December 2020