Elections will start soon. You will leave all your work and give your time for some kind of leader or party. It’s your freedom to do what you want to do. But remember what I mean.

We are already working for that party at first but somebody else takes advantage of someone else. How are leaders responsible for the future of their children, how much do we think of the future of our son? If the leaders are thinking this way about their family, then we should also think about our family.

Elections will be comes or gone but our friends & family members are togather 24×7 therefore please don’t argue because of politics with those people who love you. Today’s politics is directly proportional to the money power. it’s not easy to fight or win without money. Some leaders snare you by giving some money or weapons but it”s not permanent. What is your cast? Which religion? Remember more than you are an Indian, so no one will argue with you. If you remain so firm, nobody will change you for his own benefit

There are unlimited demands in business same in politics voters demands also unlimited. some leaders gave Assurance for development at the time of elections but after victory voters need to ask questions where is development. If such types of leaders use you for short term then why you are supporting them long term, just think on it.

Dear friends, you should engage yourself to improve economical background of your family. Our blood & every part of the body is given by parents so love us, support us, help us & then think about who will become Member of Parliament. And finally last but not the least “Please, vote; don’t sell it” becuase your vote has the power to change the world. So use it.

Orator & Author : Vishal Garad
Date : 11 March 2019