He is seating on a single chair since 33 years & his mind going out of earth for study. It doesn’t matter where you are but what you think matters. His body parts not in his control still his brain was thinking about the universe. By overcoming personal disabilities he studied on wheelchair & achieved America’s highest civilian award. He could’t speak & move physically but he managed to write & speak with the help of technology. Here we have all the body organs in good condition & what we think ? What we study ? What we give to the nation ? This is a subject of introspection for all of us. Don’t allow your disabilities to win over you instead defeat them & do as much as you can for nation.

Here is my small efforts to make his painting only by ball pen, at same time my fingers & eyes follow the instructions of my brain. My brain is full of his thoughts thats why it was possible. I have not only drawn this painting but also have studied the man who is in painting.

Author : Vishal Garad
Date : 19 March 2018